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Connexus is a new educational concept and community, emphasizing cross-cultural understanding through communication and exchange. Connexus values a holistic approach to education with the aim of personal transformation and growth.

Through learning language together in authentic relationships among teachers, students, and staff, the Connexus community strives for peace and reconciliation among all peoples, building connections across boundaries of nation, culture, and language.

Connexus opened in October 2004 as an expansion of Korea Anabaptist Center (KAC)'s education ministry. After running an adult program for 7 years in the center of Seoul, in December 2011, Connexus relocated its office to the east side of Seoul with a new program for children.  Connexus is a self-financing ministry that invites university graduates with a commitment to transformative education and Christian community to come to Korea as teachers.

The Connexus staff is committed to sharing life and faith together by living in one community complex. This international faith community gives support to each other, especially to those who are newcomers to Korea.